Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Chaotic Meals

This was a pretty uneventful week in terms of my diet. I'm so busy with the kids these days that I rarely sit down to a real meal. Breakfast is usually oatmeal or toast with peanut butter. Dinner is absolutely chaotic because it's full of tantrums and meltdowns. Lunch yesterday was a lactation protein ball and leftover green beans eaten at 2:30 standing in the kitchen holding Jenna. Why? Because I got busy and forgot to eat lunch. Yes, I forgot a meal. Trust me, this has never happened before in my life. Apparently when you have 3 kids under the age of 5 you forget to feed yourself sometimes. In terms of exercise, I did go on 2 really great walks this week. And I lost 2.5 more pounds! (Yes that half pound definitely counts)

As exciting and motivating as it is to see the numbers going down on the scale, I don't feel like I look any different than I did two months ago. I know the weight is obviously coming from somewhere, but when I see photos of myself (you'll see them tomorrow on my Stitch Fix review) I feel like I still look really heavy. Maybe it's just that look I have of a nursing mother. And that's not a bad thing. My body is feeding another human being. I'm just really looking forward to actually looking slimmer. And fitting into all my pants!

Lbs Lost So Far: 20.5
Lbs Left To Lose: 10.5

I'm going to attempt to do some fruit and veggie prep for the week to make meals less hectic. If I have something healthy to grab and eat (like cucumber sticks or washed and chopped fruit) then I'll eat that instead of a granola bar or crackers. I'm also planning on boiling some eggs for a quick protein snack. Any other ideas for quick healthy snacks?

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Baby in The Hat

The hat! Oh my goodness, this hat. If you ever want to be stopped by random strangers every 5 seconds, put this hat on your baby and go out in public. Seriously.
It was a gift that Jenna received for Christmas from my Mom. I believe she got it at Ross or TJ Maxx for no more than $5 or $6. Every time I go out with Jenna and she is wearing this hat, I get stopped repeatedly. People ooh and ahh over it, telling me how adorable this hat is. (As well as the baby wearing it!) I went to the store the other day and got 5 comments on this hat in under 30 minutes.
I love the hat and think it's incredibly cute. But I love the baby wearing it even more!

Friday, February 27, 2015

3 Things I Love About Rocklin

We visited our hometown this past weekend. It was great seeing family and friends, but it also made me a little sad because there are many things I still miss about Newark. However, there are many things about our new town that I really do love. Here are a few things I am loving about Rocklin right now:

1) Trees!
Or more specifically, the way they look as the seasons change. When we first moved here in the Fall the colors of the trees were gorgeous. Deep red, orange, yellow, green, and purple leaves were everywhere. Looking out our master bedroom window took my breath away at first because the trees outside were just so beautiful. Now that Spring is almost here, I am once again amazed at how beautiful the seasons are. We have a tree in our front yard that is blooming pink flowers (see above) and I love it! I realized the other day that these same pink trees are everywhere in Rocklin. The streets are just lined with trees bursting with pretty light pink flowers.

2) Neighborhood! This is more specific to our neighborhood. We live on a court, which I love. We can walk to our preschool in 1 minute because it's on our court! We can walk to the local park in 5 minutes. The Elementary school is also a 5 minute walk from our house, and the grocery store is about an 8 minute walk. We are also about a 5 minute drive from the middle school and high school. Talk about convenient! I also feel incredibly safe in our neighborhood and everyone I have talked to has been so friendly and welcoming.

3) Kids!
Seriously, everyone has kids up here. It is not uncommon to meet large families, and nobody bats an eye if you say you have 3, 4, or 5+ kids. It is just a very family-oriented community and I love that. Case in point: You now those shopping carts with the steering wheels that are for kids? They have a special area for kids to sit and "steer" the cart. Well, I haven't visited a grocery store up here that doesn't have them. They are everywhere. Even non-grocery stores have them because there are just so many families with children around here!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: Week 8

My goal for this past week was to exercise 3 times. I came pretty close....I would say I exercised 2.5 times. Ha! I took two really good walks and one mediocre walk. I'm counting these walks as definite exercise because I not only have Jenna strapped to my chest but I'm pushing Ryan and Lucas in the double stroller. These days that's the only way I'm going to get any exercise in.

I also focused a lot this week on portion control. I tried to stop eating dinner before I was really truly full. Before bed when I got the urge to munch on something I just drank a lot of water and tried to distract myself. I think it's okay to feel hungry sometimes and not instantly satisfy that hunger. There's no rule that says you have to eat every time your stomach feels a little hungry. Adam definitely doesn't agree with me on this point. What do you all think?

My attention to portion control and additional exercise this week finally paid off. I lost 2 more pounds!

Week 8
Lbs Lost So Far: 18
Lbs Left To Lose: 13

I think an 18 pound loss over two months is pretty amazing, and I know I owe a lot of it to the calories I am burning by breastfeeding. I hope I can keep this momentum going and lose the rest of the weight over the next few months. My plan is to schedule an appointment to get my hair cut and possibly highlighted once I lose all my weight. It gives me a nice reward to look forward to after all this hard work. (And my hair desperately needs a trim!)

So what should my goal be for this week? What goals do you set for yourself when you're trying to lose weight?

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lyla Joy

My newest niece, Lyla Joy, came over for a playdate the other day! Lyla was born 1 month ago....she is just 2 months younger than Jenna!
They got together for the first time, and although neither was feeling particularly photogenic, I wanted to document their first "playdate"!
Jenna and Lyla are going to have so much fun playing together as they grow up. I think it's so special that they are so close in age and live so close to each other.
PS: (Why does my daughter look so bug-eyed in every picture?)

Friday, February 20, 2015

Jenna: 3 Months

Happy 3 months baby Jenna! (1 day early). 3 Months is supposed to be a "golden age" when babies stop crying so much and start interacting and smiling more. This was certainly the case with your brothers. You've never been a big crier so I don't notice much difference with you now vs last month!
Ryan has many nicknames for you. Sometimes it's "Goo-boo or chubby face. One day he called you "Little Trash Can" all day. I think his little names for you are too cute!
Adam and I call you "goo-goos" a lot because you LOVE saying "Ah-goo!". I can have an entire conversation with you, going back and forth saying "ah-goo" to each other. You love talking!
Getting you to sleep in your crib at night was a total fluke this month. Your brothers were both sick so I stuck you in your crib one night in an attempt to keep you away from their germs. And guess only woke up once all night! You've slept in your crib every night for the last week, only waking up to nurse once around 2-3am. I am so blessed by your nighttime sleep.
Naps during the day are not so good, but I'd prefer you to sleep well at night if I had to pick one! During the day I spend a lot of time trying to get you to sleep for naps. I place you in your crib and it seems like you are asleep, but then you'll wake up 3 times in the next twenty minutes and I keep having to put you back to sleep. You average 3-4 naps a day, each around 30 minutes.
You drool a lot now. It's almost like spitting instead of drooling. You also started spitting up this month. You love sucking on your hands and if I didn't know better I'd think you were about to cut a tooth!
You aren't quite rolling over (both your brothers were by this age!) but you certainly wiggle and squirm around a lot. If I put you in your lamby seat you immediately try to sit up and move around. You hate being on your tummy so I'm not sure you'll be rolling over anytime soon.
Just for fun, here are pictures of you and your brothers, all at 3 months of age. Serious Ryan, Goofy Lucas, and Sweet Jenna. I think you look more like Ryan than Lucas. You are also smaller like your brother Ryan. Lucas had 2 pounds on you guys at this age!
I'm excited to see more of your little personality emerge this month. I love you sweet Jenna Mae!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weighty Wednesday: A Wash

Week 7 of my diet started out poorly. I was recovering from being sick, and then I over-indulged this weekend on desserts for Valentine's Day. By Monday morning I was ready to get things back on track, so I started taking pictures of everything I ate. Knowing I had to share these with the blog world definitely motivated me to clean up my diet! I weighed myself Sunday night and I was actually up 1 lb! By this morning I was down 1.5 lbs, for a total of only half a pound lost this week. I'm going to just call this week a wash and keep my pounds left to lose at 15.
Lbs Lost So Far: 16
Lbs Left To Lose: 15
Here are the two days' worth of meals that I documented on Monday and Tuesday.
 Breakfast: Oatmeal made with milk, flax and cinnamon. I topped it with banana and almond butter. Coffee with half n half on the side.
I took the kids to the park for lunch. I ate some popcorn, cucumbers, cuties, and cheese rolled up in some lunchmeat.
That afternoon I grabbed a handful of cashews.
Dinner was some BBQ'd shredded chicken, a yam topped with butter, kale chips, and steamed broccoli and carrots.
A little after dinner wine.
Tuesday Breakfast: Black coffee, boiled egg, bowl of Puffed Kamut topped with frozen blueberries and milk.
Lunch: Carrots, cucumbers and crackers dipped into jalapeno cilantro hummus from the Farmer's Market!
Lunch didn't fill me up so I ate a delicious bowl of yogurt that afternoon. This is Fage full fat plain yogurt with maple syrup drizzled in. Also Lucas' all time favorite snack. (Or meal)
Dinner: Salmon, raspberries, cornbread, broccoli.
1 square of peppermint dark chocolate after dinner!
I think the time has come to start exercising. Diet alone can only get me so far....I also need to burn more calories during the day by getting my heart rate up. Here's the thing though.....I really don't like to exercise. It's fun if I have a buddy to walk with but I don't really have that up here so I'm not as motivated. This week I'm going to try to exercise 3 times, though. That could be a long walk pushing the double stroller or maybe a workout on TV. I'll report back next week on what I did! (Anyone want to join me for a walk?)